Personal Guarantee Solicitors

Not being able to pay a personal guarantee on a business loan is a serious financial risk for directors.  A personal guarantee can be activated mainly due to missed payments and forms of insolvency.  There are many commercial solutions available depending on your circumstances. The most important thing is to seek advice from personal guarantee solicitors early.

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The Significance of Personal Guarantees

A personal guarantee is a legally binding commitment made by a business director or owner to assume personal responsibility for repaying a portion or the entirety of a business loan if the business itself cannot meet its financial obligations. Essentially, it means that your personal assets, such as your savings, home, or other investments, can be used to cover the outstanding debt if the business defaults on its loan.

Triggers for Personal Guarantee Activation

Personal guarantees can be activated for various reasons, but the most common triggers include:

  • Missed Payments: If your business misses loan payments or defaults on the loan, the lender may call upon your personal guarantee to recover the outstanding amount.
  • Forms of Insolvency: In cases where the business becomes insolvent or enters bankruptcy, the personal guarantee can be invoked to cover the financial shortfall.
  • Breach of Loan Terms: Violating any of the terms and conditions specified in the loan agreement could result in the activation of the personal guarantee.

Discuss your case with our Solicitors

Our team of experienced solicitors is always on hand to help guide you in the right direction and provide legal expertise in personal guarantee matters.

Strategic Solutions to Safeguard Your Financial Interests

GMD specialises in providing strategic solutions to mitigate the risks associated with personal guarantees: 

  • Negotiation Expertise: Our experienced team can engage with your lender to negotiate new terms or alternative repayment plans. This proactive approach can prevent the need to invoke the personal guarantee.
  • Refinancing Guidance: We can explore opportunities for refinancing your business loan to secure more favourable terms or help you obtain additional financing to address outstanding debts.
  • Asset Protection Strategies: GMD can assist you in implementing legal and financial strategies aimed at safeguarding your personal assets. This may involve the establishment of trusts or the restructuring of your personal finances.
  • Early Consultation: Seek our guidance early in the process to assess your options, gain a clear understanding of potential outcomes, and make informed decisions that protect your financial interests.

Empower Your Financial Future with GMD

Personal guarantees are significant financial commitments that demand careful consideration. With GMD by your side, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to your financial well-being. Our expertise, support, and tailored solutions ensure that you navigate personal guarantees with confidence and emerge with your financial future intact. 

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