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GMD Business Consulting provides various professional services that specialises in offering consulting, advisory, and strategic solutions to its clients across various industries.


Some of our services include Personal Guarantees, HMRC Business and Personal Arrears, Director's Loan Accounts, Statutory Demand, see below for more information.

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GMD Business Consulting specialises in a very personal, confidential, no-nonsense approach to finding solutions and implementing new strategies for all individuals and businesses seeking advice and help when they feel that they have reached the end of the road.
We may be a relatively small team but do not be deceived, we are a truly mighty force in our areas of expertise, with Glenn leading the way. Our results speak for themselves in volumes.

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Many clients say, “We wished we had found or come to you six months earlier”. Glenn often receives urgent requests from potential clients late at night when deadlines are very short to avert impending disaster. Glenn is normally available 24/7 and is able to assist immediately by taking the initial pressure off and alleviating the mental stress that such worries cause. He deals with both straightforward and complex situations where other factors are entwined and need resolution to conclude successful outcomes.  Glenn has an exceptionally high success rate in the cases he takes on.
Whilst there is no such thing as a typical client, the GMD client base ranges from assisting in the business aspects of divorce matters, and inheritance debates over property, through to hundred million pound property portfolios and everything in between.

We can HELP you in all our areas of expertise to resolve all matters, problems and issues 

For further information relating to Business and Personal issues click on the appropriate links to find out more how we can assist you.  Most issues can be resolved, “remember a problem shared is a problem halved”.

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